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This is the privacy statement of Topsitters B.V. Tureluur 1, 1191 VG in Ouderkerk aan de
Amstel, with Chamber of Commerce number: 71332812. Hereafter Topsitters.
For our contact details we would like to refer to the title: “How to reach us” in this
privacy statement. With this document we inform you about the use of your personal
data by Topsitters, hereinafter referred to as “data”.

The GDPR obliges us to be transparent about the personal data that our organisation
processes. Topsitters is an online platform that focuses on mediation between Sitters and

When offering these services, data is processed. The processing of this data is usually
(technically) necessary to enable our services.

This privacy statement explains how Topsitters handles the data it keeps. In addition, you
can read which data we process, why and what rights you have. We have taken
measures for carefully handling your data.

How the personal data is used
In the first place, Topsitters processes your personal data for the provision of services.
We request, name details about the family members, email address, telephone number,
bank account number, year of birth of the child(ren), presence of pets and further details
in case these may affect babysitting activities.

Name details of the family members: for matching between a babysitter and user.
Email address: for communication within our web application, in connection with the
briefing and other matters between babysitter and user.
Telephone number: in connection with child safety we consider communication
important and telephone is the quickest means.
Bank account details: for payment of the Membership, payment to the sitter and
verification of personal data of both the sitter and the user, these data are stored within a
secure environment by Acapture BV.
Year of birth of child(ren): valuable information for the sitter (preparation/briefing).
Presence of pets: valuable information for the sitter (possible allergy, fear or otherwise).

In addition to this information, the Sitters may ask other questions via the web
application’s communication portal or later by telephone or in person. They ask these
questions for health and safety reasons, to offer a high standard of the session and to
perform sitting session to everyone’s satisfaction. Think of dietary requirements, bed
times, routines, wishes, etc.

There is a possibility to share more information via the family profile where you can
introduce your family to the Sitter. This makes placing a booking with the Sitter(s) more
personal. Its use is optional and permission to use it must be given explicitly by the user.
Neither the Sitters nor Topsitters may use this for social media or other purposes without

If you do not provide us with the required basic information in the registration form, first
name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, bank account number, we
unfortunately cannot approve a Membership and no use can be made of the services of

With which parties the personal data will be shared
For the provision of financial services and payment transactions, Topsitters makes use of
third party called Acapture BV. Insofar this party has access to your data when carrying
out these services. Topsitters has taken contractual and organizational measures to
ensure that your data is only processed for the above (out) payment purposes.

In some situations, Topsitters may be obliged to hand over your data to the authorities,
for example in the context of a criminal investigation. Topsitters is also obliged to
include your telephone number when calling the emergency number 112.
We will keep personal data for a maximum of 2 years. Unless a payment has been made.
Then we are obliged to keep specific financial (payment) details stated on the invoice for
the tax authorities.

If a data leak should occur, we will immediately report it to the Personal Data Authority
and take measures to prevent the leak.
We have concluded a management contract with our developers of the web application,
which also includes the security measures. They are capable of solving any issues that
may arise.

Your rights
Based on European privacy legislation, you have various rights that you can exercise
with regard to your data. This section describes your rights. If you wish to exercise one or
more of these rights, please contact us. You can do this by sending a letter to our address
or by sending an e-mail. In order to process your request, Topsitters needs at least the
following information from you:
* your full name;
* your address;
* a copy of a valid proof of identity (make sure you provide the copy with a
watermark and cover the citizen service number).

In some cases, it may be necessary to receive additional information from you in order to
safeguard your rights.

Access to your data
You have the right to know which of your data will be processed by Topsitters. You can
send us a request for reviewing. This can be done by letter, e-mail, SMS/app or prior
notice by telephone. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Correction of your data
If the information Topsitters keep, is not correct, you can have the inaccurate information
corrected. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We expect you to indicate in an e-mail,
app/sms or letter which data is incorrect and how this data should be corrected. Then we
adapt this.

Objection and removal of your data
In certain cases, you may ask us to stop processing your data and to delete it. Such a
request is possible, for example, if you no longer would like to use our services or if you
have serious objections to the processing of your data. If you have serious objections to
the processing of your data, we expect you to state your objections in your request.

Restricting processing
If you wish to correct your data or have it removed, you can – during the time your
request is being processed by us – have the processing temporarily stopped. Despite a
possible restriction, we may continue to store your data. When it becomes clear that
your request is justified, we will execute your request. If Topsitters is of the opinion that
your request is unfounded, the processing of your data will be resumed.

Filing a complaint with the supervisory authority
Not satisfied with the way Topsitters guarantees your privacy? Please contact us so that
we can find a solution together. In addition, you can submit a complaint to the
supervisory authority, the Personal Data Authority.

How you can reach us
If you have any questions or would like to make use of your rights, you can contact us in
different ways.
Our address is: Tureluur 1, 1191VG Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
You can reach us by phone at: 0640501862
For questions about privacy and data protection, please email us at
also for general questions.
Topsitters can change the content of this privacy statement. This statement was last
updated on 4 December 2018.

Topsitters uses cookies and various other secure techniques on the web application via
We would like to safeguard your privacy and optimise user-friendliness.
We do this by using cookies, among other things.

A cookie is a simple and small file that your computer or mobile device stores when you
visit our web application. The information stored therein as described in the privacy
statement can be returned to our server the next time you visit our website. Cookies do
not contain personal information, but an ID code that has no meaning outside our web

We use Google Analytics and we have concluded a processing agreement with Google
for the use of these services.
By using cookies, you don’t have to share the same information every time you visit the
site because it is remembered. The same applies to receiving information. We can also
measure how our web application is used and where we can improve it. We can
recognize which device you use when visiting our web application.

We distinguish between functional and analytical cookies. The purpose of the functional
cookies is to ensure that our web application continues to function properly. Think of the
request to save your data so that you do not have to enter it over and over again if you
want to log in. And the browser settings are stored so that you can view our web
application optimally. These functional cookies also enable us to quickly recognise and
respond to potential problems on the website and/or abuse.

Analytical cookies collect statistics about the use of the web application and data, and
we use them to improve the website and Topsitters. Think of examples like, on Friday
evenings there are many sitting requests, but on Monday mornings not. We will then
make sure that we have enough Topsitters available. We can also see which browser you
are using, the resolution of your screen, your device, how long, when and from which
page you are visiting our web application. All the information that is valuable to us, so
we can make the web application as user-friendly as possible. In this entire process, your
IP address is made anonymous.

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