Brain games are good for the development of our children. Therefore we need to challenge our kids with Riddels & Brain Breakers

Thanks to brain research, we know that the development of our brain is not completed until the age of 25. The more the brain is stimulated and challenged, the more the brain learns and develops: more and more connections are made in the brain between the different neurons. These connections are necessary to be able to learn. The various sub-areas, the “lobes”, will also increasingly work together in the course of development.

Games are a fantastic and fun way for children to strengthen their executive functions. These brain functions largely determine school success, perhaps even more than intelligence.

There are many different ways to challenge our children, one is through doing riddles with them, so we listed some Riddles & Brain Breakers.

Challenge with Riddles & Brain Breakers

1. With the elevator
A man lives on the 21st floor of a high flat. He goes outside every day. If it rains, he takes the elevator down and goes up again in the evening with the elevator. On dry days he also goes down with the elevator, but he only goes back to the seventh floor with the elevator. Then he continues with the stairs. Why is he doing that?

Answer: The man is very small and cannot reach the elevator button on the 21st floor. If it rains, he has an umbrella with him. He uses that umbrella to push the button. On dry days he naturally does not have an umbrella with him. Then he presses the highest button that he can reach, that of the seventh floor.

2. Fallen woman
A woman is standing on a balcony on the twentieth floor and threatens to jump down. A fireman runs to the fire truck as fast as he can to get a safety net so that they can catch her. Even before the firefighter returns with the safety net, the woman falls. Yet she survives the fall. In fact, she’s not left with a scratch. How is that possible?

Answer: The woman fell back into the room.

3. Together in the boat
Three missionaries and three cannibals must cross a river. There is a boat, but no more than two people fit in it. For the safety of missionaries, there should never be more cannibals than missionaries together in one place. How do all members of the group reach the other side?
Tip: use pawns or lego blocks in two colors to figure out the answer.

Answer: During the first crossing, a cannibal and a missionary go to the other side. The missionary is coming back. Then the two cannibals go to the other side. One is coming back. Then two missionaries cross the river. One missionary and a cannibal sail back. Again two missionaries go to the other side, but now a cannibal sails back. This takes a second cannibal to the other side and sails back to pick up the last cannibal. Three other solutions are possible, but faster than sailing in eleven times is not possible

4. Dog on a rope

Snuf the dog is attached to a tree with a rope. The rope is three meters long. Snuf wants to go to his bowl, which is five meters away. So Snuf walks over to it and starts eating. How did he succeed? There are no tricks: the rope stays whole and tied and the tree is not bent or cut down, et cetera.

Answer: Since Snuf is tied to the tree, he can reach everything within a three meter radius of the tree. His food bowl is two meters from the tree, opposite the spot where Snuf started.

5. Lost in the forest
You are lost in the forest. Fortunately you will find an old cabin where you can spend the night. The cabin has no heating or lighting, but there is a candle, an oil lamp, a wood-burning stove and a matchbox. You open the box and there appears to be only one match in it. What do you light first?

Answer: The match of course!

6. Count the shapes

This doesn’t really require a pencil, unless you want to try and outline the shapes to help you unlock the answer! Look at the two images below. In the first one, how many triangles can you count? In the second, how many squares? How many triangles?

Challenge our kids with Riddels & Brain Breakers
Count the Shapes

7. Matchstick equation

Matchstick game

Other games to challenge your child

Memorize a poem. 

There is little more satisfying in life that reciting a poem you have memorized. Take a small poetry book with you on the go to work on memorization while you are out. Or, memorize the poem at home and take turns reciting poems to entertain the world while you are standing in line at the grocery store.

Image Memory Story.

Stare at a image in a magazine for 10 seconds. The child makes up a story incorporating as many details from the image as she can. If she gets stuck, parent can ask prompts as questions, such as “what blue object did you see?”

Word chain.

Choose a topic, such as food. The first person says a word, the second person says that word plus his own, the third person says the first two words plus her own, and so forth, continue until someone can no longer remember the word chain.

What’s missing? 

Place 10 items from your purse on the table in front of you. Have kids try to memorize items for 10 seconds. While their eyes are closed remove 1-3 items. After opening their eyes, kids try to remember what is missing.

Brain Games Products

The brand Smart Games has a broad range of different brain teasers, each game has a unique and innovative game mechanic with themes that appeal to both boys and girls. For info check the website.

On the website of ‘Heutink voor Thuis‘, you can find several products provide more insight into brain development in young children, or are suitable to stimulate brain development in your child.

Good luck, have fun and do not forget, you need to challenge kids with riddels & brain breakers!

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