This Monday, November 11, it will be Sint Maarten and the kids will go to the streets with a lantern to sing their songs in exchange for sweets or fruit. Here you find 7x simple DIY lanterns to make for Sint Maarten.

Seven simple DIY lanterns to make with kids

Sint Maarten is not celebrated in the same way everywhere. Parades are organized in some places and bonfires are ignited in others. General is the lantern tour. This is most common in the Netherlands in the northern provinces and in North Holland. The children make lanterns and pass by houses with the lights.

Simple DIY Animal Lanterns

7x simple DIY lanterns to make with kids for Sint Maarten
Animal Lanterns

These animal lanterns are cute, easy and low cost. In the link you can see how to turn this traditional lamp into a lantern for Sint Maarten.

Simple DIY Moon & Stars Lantern

Let the moon and stars shine with Sint Maarten. Make a round tube from sturdy paper. Before putting it together, cut out moons and stars. Stick colored tissue paper behind it and the effect is very nice!

Simple DIY Chinese Paper Lantern

Chinese paper lantern

In the video below you can see how you can make a Chinese lantern quickly and easily.

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Simple DIY Unicorn Lantern

Are your kids also under the spell of unicorns? This blog describes how to make a lantern with your unicorn fan.

Simple DIY Lampion from glass jar

You can also make a beautiful lantern with some iron wire and paper from a glass jar.

Jar Lantern

Simple DIY Rocket Lantern

In this video you can see how to make a Rocket Lantern from an old plastic bottle;

Rocktet Lanter

Simple DIY Paper animal lantern

Animal paper lantern

With some cardboard, scissors, glue and flowery paper you can make this easy owl.

We hope you like the 7x simple DIY lanterns to make for Sint Maarten. Call the kidfs and get creative!

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